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There is nothing more fulfilling than tenderly touching the heart of another human on such an intimate level.

"Maria was great at connecting with me and my birth chart! She made me feel comfortable sharing personal details that related to astrological occurrences in my chart. She helped me understand some of my patterns and life path too. I highly recommend a reading with her to better understand yourself!"


"My astrology reading with Maria was perfectly timed. In a moment of personal transition, it provided me with insight and grounding related to my personality and outlook on both day to day tasks and the larger picture of life. Maria’s reading helped me to reflect on and sit with traits in myself that I feel to be less positive, and to embrace them as a “written in the stars” part of who I am so I can work on turning them into my strengths. I’ve already made some big strides and life changes since our meeting. Thank you Maria!"


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